Finding Community ep.005

Aug 21, 2022    Seth Gehrke

When you think of church what picture comes to mind? Do you think of a steeple, pews and an alter? Padded chairs, a band, and a podium? Why, when we think of church, do we jump so quickly to a building and a worship style?

In Acts 2:42-47 we see a description of the early church. But we don't hear about the structure they met in, rather we are given a description of the community that was gathered. The church. This week Seth Gehrke unpacks for us what that picture of the church looks like in acts two and what that means for our own understanding of church.

Text: Acts 2:42-47

Questions for Reflection
1. So, what’s your next intentional step in community?

2. Who do you need to invite to the table? Or yes to their invitation?

3. What characteristic of the early church is lacking in your rhythm of daily life as a follower of Jesus? How could you grow that in community with others?

4. What stood out to you today? What is your next faithful step?

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