The Missionary Pathway Story

The Missionary Pathway is a collaborative project between Pastor Matt Peeples of the Kairos Network in Saint Louis, MO, and Pastor Trey Sansom of Project 242 Church in Conroe, TX. This project is born out of a shared passion for making disciples and seeing the disconnected connected to Jesus.

Prior to co-creating The Missionary Pathway, Matt and Trey began their ministry partnership in 2011 at The Point, a church that Matt planted a year earlier in Knoxville, TN. With Matt as the lead pastor and Trey as the Worship Coordinator, they led The Point in their mission to connect the disconnected to a growing and multiplying relationship with Jesus Christ. Together, they pioneered innovative ministry strategies, such as advertising on the hard rock radio station, Bar Church, and using community events like beer festivals and tattoo conventions as outreach events to connect the disconnected. As a result, the average first-time visitor to The Point had not attended church in 10-20 years, if they had ever attended at all. This experience was formational in how Matt and Trey think about church planting and raising up every day Christians to see themselves as everyday missionaries in the places they live, work, learn, and play.
During their time at The Point, Matt equipped Trey for pastoral ministry and church planting, and in 2016, Trey was sent to Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. While Trey was attending seminary, Matt was called to Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ridgewood, NJ, where he launched the Kairos Network in 2017 to develop and train church planters, pastors, and lay leaders to reach the disconnected for Christ in one of the most post-Christian areas of the country. In June of 2022 Matt felt the call to make the Kairos Network his full focus.

After completing seminary in 2019, Trey was called to plant Project 242 Church, a network of reproducing disciples, micro-groups, and micro-churches that seeks to connect the disconnected to a growing and multiplying relationship with Jesus Christ and one another in Conroe, TX, with the Harvest Partnership church planting network.

While Trey and Matt found themselves in radically different contexts and in different seasons of ministry, God was forming in them a similar passion for planting in new ways. Ways that would reach the post-Christian reality in which we find ourselves with ministry strategies that would resonate with the disconnected who will never even consider walking through the doors of a church. It was this passion that brought Trey and Matt back together to develop an intentional training process to grow the Kingdom of God by equipping everyday disciples to be everyday missionaries who plant the gospel and make disciples where they live, work, learn, and play. And The Missionary Pathway was born.
Development of The Missionary Pathway began in April of 2022, and the pathway launched in September of 2022.  In the first 4 months the Missionary Pathway was already equipping 80 everyday disciples in 8 countries to be on mission with Jesus to connect the disconnected in their existing networks of relationship.

It is amazing to watch as this training goes out, and more everyday believers answer the call to plant the gospel and make disciples in the places they live, work, learn, and play. 
Matt Peeples
Founder/Director The Kairos Network
Co-Creator Missionary Pathway
Trey Sansom
Founding Pastor Project 242
Co-Creator Missionary Pathway