A Simple Training To Equip Every-day Believers

Many Christians feel deeply passionate about their faith yet feel insecure, even uncertain, about how to share faith with friends and neighbors in a culture that is not interested in the church.  The old systems for outreach aren't working anymore.

The Missionary Pathway is a free, eight-session online course built to provide Christians with a simple, repeatable framework for community engagement.

Since its launch in Sept 2022, the Missionary Pathway has helped over 300 people in 8 countries increase their confidence in sharing their faith. 

Sign Up For The Missionary Pathway Training

This 8-session course is free to sign up for and use. These 8 sessions will equip you with the simple missional practices that will allow you to be more intentional as you go out into the places you live, work, learn, and play to share the gospel and make disciples.  

While everything is free, we would encourage you to connect with a trainer and signup for a cohort. If you are here, you may already have one, but if you don’t, we can help.  Simply fill out the form below and we will help you connect with or launch your own Missionary Pathway Cohort.


What ministry leaders and Every-day Christians are saying about the Missionary Pathway Experience.

Peter Meier

Executive Director, Missions and Outreach Florida-Georgia District LCMS
I’m always on the lookout for simple, concise “everyday missionary” training that will engage participants with a variety of presentation styles, tools they can use, and encouragement to take it to their harvest fields. I found what I’m looking for! Matt and Trey and The Missionary Pathway covers the bases. If you want to train everyday disciples to make more disciples who will gather in groups of disciples, this is for you! I love the use and practice of Discovery Bible Study throughout. We are using The Missionary Pathway as an integral component of our leadership development in the Florida-Georgia District. I know it will be a blessing to already-disciples and to not-yet disciples!

Traci Kohls

Everyday Missionary 
Don't think about going through it; do it!  You will gain a community that is walking the same journey as you, you will gain practical tools to implement right now, and most importantly, your neighbors will be blessed as you simply obey Jesus' command to go and make disciples. 

Peyton Jones

Founder NewBreed
Author "Church Plantology"
“Kairos network’s training helps connect the dots for those who want to run headlong into mission without tripping over the trappings of “ministry”. If you’re looking for training that empowers people according to their passions and burdens, Kairos is a good place to be.”

Greg Finke

Founder Dwelling 1:14
Author "The Joining Jesus Series"
“What I love about Matt and Trey is that they are not only keen thinkers and gifted communicators, they are experienced practitioners. They know how to help you plant the gospel in your community because that is what they have been doing themselves.”

Michael Heiden

Pastor at CHRIST GREENFIELD | Gilbert Campus
I am a pastor at Christ Greenfield in Arizona and I am so grateful for the Missional Pathway. I was able to go on the pathway with some co-workers in preparation for taking our people through it. The pathway was extremely helpful, practical and encouraging. I saw a change and rejuvenation in me and my fellow team members. We are so excited to implement the Pathway with our people and to see what God has in store for  us!

Launch a Missionary Pathway Cohort in Your Church.

Many christians have a desire to share their faith, they just don't know where to begin. If you want to help people in your church learn how to share the gospel and make disciples in the places they live, work, learn, and play we can help. Reach out if you are interested in learning how to launch a missionary pathway cohort in your church or ministry.