In church planting you inevitably encounter a tool or concept you wish you had from day one.  Four years into our church plant I was introduced to Mac Lake and the leadership pipeline, and I wish I had this tool before launched! How powerful would it have been to not only have an assimilation system built out, but also a system for developing people after they were a part of the church. While it may sound too good to be true, that is actually how Chris Flathers launched Connect Church in Lone Tree, CO, and they have been reaping the benefits ever sense.

Whether you are prelaunch, post launch, or you just want to find out more about building out your own leadership pipeline join us Thursday April 14 at 1pm eastern as we walk through what an intentional leadership development plan could look like in your church and how you could actually plant with a fully developed leadership development plan.

Launching Micro Churches with Peyton Jones

Micro-church is quickly becoming a ministry buzz word, but like any rapidly expanding concept, there is a lot of confusion about what exactly a micro-church is. Everyone seems to have a different definition, and they aren't always compatible.

Peyton Jones, has been a part of planting micro-churches since before micro-church was a buzzword. Watch the replay here, as Peyton shares what a micro-church is and what he has learned about planting mission that leads to planting new churches.

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Develop training, resources, and strategy to help you and your ministry translate the unchanging gospel in an ever changing world. 


5 years. 10 plants. 300 leaders.

We will identify and develop biblically grounded and culturally relevant leaders to create and re-create the church throughout communities in New Jersey. 


We exist to create a movement of gospel-centered ministries that connect the disconnected to Jesus.


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