Our Picture of Church ep.008

Sep 11, 2022    Matt Peeples

Have you ever sat down and thought about what your picture of church is? Is it an old building with a steeple? Is it dark space with a stage with a podium? What do you picture when you picture a church?

This week we as we dig into Acts 4:32-37 we see another picture of the church, and it reminded me of a message I did a few years ago at one of our favorite spots. In this message we press into our assumed picture of church, and what picture the scriptures actually give us of what it means to be the church.

Enjoy this rerun with a message that is just as true today, as the first time it was preached.

Questions for reflection
1. What is your picture of church?

2. What challenged you when in the picture of church presented in this message?

3. What stuck out to you in today's message and how will you live that out this week?

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