Speaking the Language ep.003

Aug 7, 2022    Matt Peeples

Steven Wolfe's story sticks out to me.  The 15 year old kid at the youth group who would have been totally disinterested in faith if it wasn't for a volunteer who pulled out a skateboard and proceeded to do a kickflip over a trash can. Whether that volunteer realized it or not he was speaking the gospel in a language Steven needed to hear. Steven actually went on in 1999 to start a skateboarding ministry called Solid Foundation that reaches out to kids in Northern New Jersey through skateboarding and graphic arts. When I am in this skate park with my kids, I realize that is how the gospel was always meant to go out. In the language of the unique communities it is trying to reach.

My hope in this message is that you would realize God has given you a unique language and community that you can use to share the gospel. Let the story of pentecost give you the encouragement to start sharing Jesus in your unique communities.

Texts: Acts 2:1-21, Romans 10:11-17

Questions for Discussion:
1. What stuck out to you in this message, and what are you going to do about this week?
2. What are some of the unique communities you are connected to?
3. What are the biggest hesitations you have for sharing the gospel where you are already going?

Other Links
Solid Foundation Skate Ministry - skatecreateconnect.org
The Missionary Pathway Training - https://thekairosnetwork.thinkific.com/courses/missionary-pathway

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