Whose Church? ep.009

Acts chapter 5 is a weird chapter filled with stories that feel disconnected at first. But dig deeper and you realize Acts chapter 5 is answering a simple but fundamentally important question, whose church is it?

It is easy to think of our church as my church, but is that really the most helpful way to think about it? When we think of our church as my church, it can lead to selfish behavior and a lack of unity. If we see our church as mine, then we miss out on the greatest gifts it has to give. But when we realize that the church belongs to Jesus and is not mine, then we really get to experience the gift the church can be in our life.

Join Pastor Matt for episode 9, as he ventures into a local coffee shop to unpack the meaning of Acts 5 and how it applies to our lives today.

Questions for Reflection
1. Have you ever been tempted to think it’s your church? How does that understanding change the way you think about church?

2. What of those three areas of Jesus ownership did you need to hear the most today?

3. What stuck out to you in today's message and how will you live that out this week?

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