Hear from skilled practitioners who share their incredible insights on practical and spiritual aspects of missional leadership. Join us as we expand on skills that transcend model, style, and culture and get to the heart of church planting and multiplication.   

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Fast & Effective Preaching Prep with Matt Popovits, Chris Paavola, and Ryland Brown

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find reliable answers and methods of study that we can all understand. That’s why we want to help you by sharing our best practices and a tool we love called Logos Bible software.

Watch this unique conversation to dig into some best practices for preaching prep. Approach studying the Bible with more confidence by applying best practices that ensure clarity and accuracy. Dig deeper in the Bible for key historical, social and cultural context that bring evergreen relevancy and application in today’s ever-changing world.

Avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings by learning the simple method to do Biblical Hebrew and Greek word studies you can use over and over again.
Learn about the different Logos Bible Software options they offer and how to use this tool to find answers with the click of a button.

The Art and Science of Planting New Churches for a New World.

In a culture that is rapidly moving toward a post-Christian reality the challenges of today aren't easily met with the 20th century church planting models. In a time when the ministry challenges of the future can feel insurmountable, sometimes the best answers are found in rediscovering the apostolic story. As Ed Stezer said, "Church planting must recapture both the science and the art of planting.

This ended up being a 2 for 1 webinar experience.  In the first half of this webinar Matt Peeples and Dylan Dodson share their own church planting experiences and what they have learned along the way.   Peyton Jones jumps in at 40:30 mark and shares some keep insights on planting in the 21st century, discipleship, and how to integrate the APEST into our ministry flow.

Creating a High Impact Internship Experience with Heath Lewis, Jacob Youmans, Laura Ross, & Madison Patrow

Many people grab an intern because they are young, excited and if we are being honest they are cheap labor.  We create an internship program to fill a need in our ministry, or see what a new position would be like if we eventually hired a full time person. The problem is all of these reasons center on us, but what about the intern?

What most church leaders don't realize is the difference a disastrous internship experience and a great internship experience is where we put our focus.  If we focus all our attention on what the intern can do for our ministry we will get less from the internship and so will the intern.  If we focus on the development of the intern, we will create a more powerful internship experience for the intern and in turn will experience more impact in the ministry.

Join us on Thursday Sept 29 at 1:00pm est as we have a conversation with Jacob Youmans, Laura Ross, Heath Lewis, and Madison Patrow about what they have seen create truly great internship experiences.

How Micro-Groups become Micro-Churches with David Putman.

Micro-groups are simple and highly reproducible, but what do you do when they start to reproduce? At what point does all this disciple-making demand something more? At what point do micro-groups shift into a micro-church? In this webinar David Putman shares the story of what his own micro-group journey in his crossfit community has led to.

Addressing Anti-Asian Racism with Khanh Nguyễn

In the past year there have been 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents in America. As Christians we need to remember that first, these crimes affect our Asian brothers and sisters in Christ. And second, we are called to bridge cultural boundaries with the love of Christ. For these reasons we feel compelled to act, but where do we even start?

Join us as we explore how we can address anti-Asian racism with Khanh Nguyễn. She shares a Christ-Centered perspective on how to deal with these issues as well as the history of Anti-Asian racism in America and how to dismantle Asian stereotypes. 

Launching a Disciple-Making Movement in Your Church

Over the last year David Putman has been working on a simple discipleship process that started out with his family and has already expanded to dozens of Micro-Groups across the country! Join David Putman and Matt Peeples as they share their pandemic disciple-making experiences and strategies during a season full of ministry obstacles.

Incarnational Ministry Models

What would it look like if the Church met people where they were instead of asking them to come to the Church? Join our conversation with the FiveTwo Network, La Mesa Ministries, and Elli's House 313 about sustainable start-ups that reach people for Jesus.

2021 Best Practices for Church Communications

Communicating with your church can be an overwhelming task. Learn from the experiences  of some of the top communication coordinators in the LCMS who have lead communications on national, district, and local levels, and hear their top pieces of advice for communicating with your church in 2021.

Integrating Digital Worship and Digital Marketing with Ross Turner

Social media - especially ads - can be overwhelming. Where does a church start, and is it even worth starting if the team doesn't have time to post consistently? Learn how to reach new people and lead them back to your fold from marketing expert Ross Turner.

Mac Lake's 8 Spheres of Leadership

Over the past 30 years Mac Lake has had the privilege of serving in various ministry roles (from youth pastor to leadership development pastor) as well as various consulting and strategic roles related to building up leaders for church plants.

Feeling stuck as a leader? Mac's been in similar positions. That's why he developed the 8 Spheres of Leadership - a tool designed to help you lead with direction in an age of distraction.