Hear from skilled practitioners who share their incredible insights on practical and spiritual aspects of missional leadership. Join us as we dig into the "why" behind church planting and expand on skills that transcend model, style, and culture and get to the heart of church planting and multiplication.   

on Finances & Fundraising

Giving Triggers and Budget Management during a Crisis with Jan Engkasser

Most church leaders hoped this crisis would be a few weeks long, yet it has now extended into months. The rollback to live worship is slow for some and tentative for others. In the midst of this season how do we continue to manage and maintain the finances of the church? What are the things we can do to manage and even restructure our budget in this season? How can we help people give in this season of crisis?

Covid-19 & Church Finances with David Putman, Ben Griffin, Billy Brath, Paul Reaves, and Matt Peeples

COVID-19 hasn't just affected the way we are able to gather as the church, it is affecting the way we finance the ministry as well. Churches are finding creative ways to worship and preach the gospel, and now it is time to apply some of that same creativity to the finances of the church. Join us as we discuss creative strategies to finance the mission in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join a panel discussion with David Putman from Auxano, Ben Griffin from LINC, Paul Reaves from LCEF, Billy from LCEF.

We will share strategies for planning your church finances, strategies to engage the community with assistance and strategies churches around the country are using to continue collecting offerings. 

Financing the Mission with Steve Pike

The 20th century models of support don't work anymore.  How can you develop a financial strategy that will free you up to make disciples and plant the church that God is laying on your heart.  Join us as Steve shares a 5 teared model for funding the mission the mission.