Hear from skilled practitioners who share their incredible insights on practical and spiritual aspects of missional leadership. Join us as we dig into the "why" behind church planting and expand on skills that transcend model, style, and culture and get to the heart of church planting and multiplication.   

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Mac Lake's 8 Spheres of Leadership

Over the past 30 years Mac Lake has had the privilege of serving in various ministry roles (from youth pastor to leadership development pastor) as well as various consulting and strategic roles related to building up leaders for church plants.

Feeling stuck as a leader? Mac's been in similar positions. That's why he developed the 8 Spheres of Leadership - a tool designed to help you lead with direction in an age of distraction.

Watch as Mac Lake shares the incredible tool along with other insights gained from years of experience.

Level Up your Livestream, not your Budget with Tanner Boley

Livestream is here to stay, so if your church is ready to up its livestream game without blowing the bank, this webinar is for you! Tanner Boley from Fox Hollow Creative shares his $2,000 list of equipment and explains how to use it to further your ministry. Whether you are low tech or high tech, this system is high-quality and easy to use. Watch to find out how this simple but powerful system can work for your church.

Discipling Gen Z with Dr. Jacob Youmans & Heath Lewis

They range in age from 4 to 24 and are 68 million strong in the US, but what do most of us really know about the up and coming generation we know as Gen Z? What do we as ministry leaders need to know about discipling and passing on the faith to the next generation?

We dig into a conversation with Dr. Jacob Youmans and Heath Lewis about Gen Z and how we as the Church can best disciple the next generation and help them build a faith that lasts a lifetime. 

Microchurches: Learning from the KC Underground Story with Brian Johnson & Rob Wegner

KC Underground describes themselves as an innovative yet ancient form of church pursuing Jesus’ mission in Kansas City. They exist to inspire, engage, connect, equip and empower ordinary people to flourish. Their goal is simple: to create a network of reproducing disciples, leaders, micro-churches, and congregations that will saturate Kansas City with the good news, justice and beauty. The name is a tribute to the underground church of history, characterized by sacrificial faith in the face of danger, oppression, and even death.

In this webinar we talk to Rob Wegner and Brian Johnson to hear more of KC Undergrounds story and explore a different model for being the Church in the 21st Century.

Lutherans for Racial Justice with Joshua Salzberg and Pastor Matthew Gonzales

What could it look like if Lutheran churches applied their incredible understanding of the gospel to the issues of race, racism, and injustice in our culture today? We were joined in this webinar by Pastor Matt Gonzalez and Joshua Salzberg for a powerful conversation on confronting racism in the church.

Micro-discipleship with David Putman

Your church can thrive in spite of the uncertain season we are in. In this webinar, David Putman will give us a simple way forward where you can experience a disciple-making movement regardless of your churches size. In this webinar you will discover:

  1. Two simple disciple-making rhythms
  2. Five principles that lead to rapid reproduction
  3. A simple non-program approach to disciple-making that anyone can lead
  4. Five different types of disciples

Training Church Planters

What do you do once you have identified someone who has the skills to plant a church? Do you throw them into the field and hope for the best? How do you set up potential church planters for success?

We were joined by Steve Pike to discuss best practices when it comes to training church planters. He shares how to integrate these practices into the rhythm of your own ministry and what the best style of training is for church planting!

How our Churches can Confront Racism and Injustice with Rev. Dr. John Nunes

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. The injustice we have seen is more than a news cycle, it is a problem that runs deep within our communities and our country. It is a burden that should not be carried by the black community alone. It is a burden that we as Christians are called to share. We are called to mourn with those who mourn, to weep with those who weep, and to stand up for the oppressed and the marginalized. Over these last weeks, I have felt the urgency of this call, but am at a loss. How do we speak out against the injustice seen around us? How do I as a pastor encourage my church to speak out against injustice? I know I am not the only one searching for answers.

We were honored to sit down and have a conversation with the Rev. Dr. John Nunes on the subject of injustice, racism, and how we as a church can confront these deeply rooted issues in our culture with the gospel. Dr. Nunes is the President of Concordia College New York, a college that over the academic year rallied under the theme of civics and civility. He is not only an accomplished leader, but an author and outspoken Christian leader on the issues of injustice, racism, and equality. Dr Nunes brings a depth of understanding and practical wisdom for the church that we can all learn from.

Identifying and Training Church Planters with Steve Pike

Right person, right place, and right support in God's timing. This has been our strategy for planting churches through the Kairos Network. Over the years I have found that often the support and the place are easier to identify than the person. Churches planters don't grow on trees! But what it a part of the problem of finding good planters is where we are looking and what we are looking for? What if the church planter you are looking for, is already right in front of you?!

Steve Pike joined us to take a look at how we identify and train church planters. He shares from his years of experience as the founder and key leader of the Church Multiplication Network, as well as his experience as founder and key leader of the Urban Islands Project. Steve will share what he has learned about identifying and training church planters from the thousands of churches he has seen launched across the country.

Preparing to Come Back In Person with Tod Bolsinger, Mac Lake, and David Putman

As things begin to roll back out and open up, everyone is wondering what that will look like in their ministry. How will we help our congregations and communities navigate a new normal? What aspects of this all online season do we want to make sure we hold on to? How do we navigate being the church in a culture that has radically changed?

Giving Triggers and Budget Management during a Crisis with Jan Engkasser

Most church leaders hoped this crisis would be a few weeks long, yet it has now extended into months. The rollback to live worship is slow for some and tentative for others. In the midst of this season how do we continue to manage and maintain the finances of the church? What are the things we can do to manage and even restructure our budget in this season? How can we help people give in this season of crisis?

Livestreaming with a Big Church Setup on a Small Church Budget with Tanner Boley and Trey Sansom

Overnight every church in America became an online-only ministry. As we have been settling into a livestream-only rhythm many are looking for ways to improve but assume the only steps involve a big media team and a big budget. What if a professional setup doesn't have to be complicated or expensive? In this webinar we will share free and cheap tools to help you take your livestream to the next level without spending a lot of money.

Tangible Tools for Discipleship with Zach Zehnder, Greg Finke, and Steve Pike

For so many leaders in the church, the call to discipleship is obvious, but the tools for discipleship seem unclear. How can we move from an understanding of the importance of discipleship to an ability to make disciples? In this follow up webinar we are going to dig into some tangible tools and processes people use for discipleship. Our goal is to help you move past the theory of discipleship and help you learn how to develop your own discipleship process.

Spiritual Care in a time of Social Distancing with Dr. Bruce Hartung, Dr. Rick Marrs, and Pastor Jeff Cloeter

In times of crisis, people look to the church and the leaders within the church to guide them through difficult times. But how can the church be present when loving your neighbor means staying away from your neighbor? In a time of social distancing, how can we deliver the spiritual care people are looking for while still respecting our communities and doing our part to flatten the curve?

Preaching in a time of Livestream Only with Matt Popovits, Chris Paavola, and Matt Peeples

Overnight the task of preaching changed radically. We went from preaching to live congregation to preaching to a livestream camera. The only thing that hasn't changed is the importance of preaching the gospel. But the age we are preaching in is nothing most preachers prepared for. So how does the task of preaching change when you when the congregation is on the other side of a livestream camera?

Virtual Discipleship in an age without Mass Gatherings with Greg Finke, David Putman, David Ficken, and Jock & Gail Ficken

How can we rethink our models for ministry in a time when the church's biggest discipleship tool, the mass gathering, has been taken away? Is this an obstacle or an opportunity? Join David Putman (Founder Planting the Gospel), David Ficken (PLI - D2MC) for a webinar on virtual discipleship! All of these panelists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to discipleship and developing discipleship systems. This will be an incredible opportunity to explore how you can develop new discipleship pathways in these challenging times.

Covid-19 & Church Finances with David Putman, Ben Griffin, Billy Brath, Paul Reaves, and Matt Peeples

COVID-19 hasn't just affected the way we are able to gather as the church, it is affecting the way we finance the ministry as well. Churches are finding creative ways to worship and preach the gospel, and now it is time to apply some of that same creativity to the finances of the church. Join us as we discuss creative strategies to finance the mission in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join a panel discussion with David Putman from Auxano, Ben Griffin from LINC, Paul Reaves from LCEF, Billy from LCEF.

We will share strategies for planning your church finances, strategies to engage the community with assistance and strategies churches around the country are using to continue collecting offerings. 

Impactful Ideas for a Covid-19 Easter with Matt Popovits, Chris Paavola, Seth Hinz, and Ben Griffin

We are living in a new reality where the church can't gather. That new reality took place around the biggest worship service of the year, Easter! So how can we as a church celebrate the reality of the resurrection with people during a time when that message is desperately needed?! Just because our usual methods won't work, doesn't mean there are no good options.

Join us for a panel discussion with some great outside the box church leaders as we discuss how we can make this a great Easter experience for those in and out of the church, even though they can't gather in the church.

Learning how to Livestream with Rebecca Koehler and Susan Schultz

Learn how to get started live streaming your church services! In this webinar Pastor Matt Peeples, Bethlehem in Ridgewood's Communications Coordinator Rebecca Koehler, and LCMS NJ District's Communications Coordinator Susan Schultz will answer your questions and help get you started with live streaming.

Becoming a Church that Reaches the Hard to Reach with Greg Bearss

The Story of LakePointe is the story of a church that has taken the gospel to dark and hard to reach places. Before the church even launched their first event was building a float in the St. Patricks Day Parade. They were the only church present at the event.

Since that time they have become a church that has launched a vibrant recovery ministry, a women's home that helps women transitioning out of rehab and prison, launched a massive stomp out hunger campaign, and baptized around 1,000 people along the way. Join us as founding/lead pastor Greg Bearss shares the LakePointe story and the keys to being a church that goes to the hard to reach people in the hard to reach places.

Spiritual Dynamics for Planters with Steve Pike

Church planting is not just about best practices and tips and tricks. Church planting is about partnering with the Holy Spirit as Jesus builds his church.  What are the spiritual dynamics that help people grow as planters and followers of Christ. Join us as we dive into the dynamics of prayer, fasting, and dependency on God in the process of church planting. 

3 Keys to Training Leaders from Within with Mac Lake

Are you tired of waiting for leaders to come out to your church? What if they are already there, they are just waiting to be developed.  Join us as Mac Lake shares 3 keys to training leaders from within.

In 2004 after having lunch with Greg Surratt, Senior Pastor at Seacoast Church, he invited Mac to join Seacoast Staff to help develop leaders for their multi-site movement. Mac remained there as the Leadership Development Pastor for nearly seven years before accepting the call to start The Launch Network.

Four years into leading The Launch Network the name was changed to The Multiply Group and began serving Church Planting Organizations. In early 2015 God led Brian Bloye, the founder of Launch and Mac to give the Multiply Group to the North American Mission Board to use as their system for Assessing and Training church planters. The Multiply Group still serves under the direction of the North American Mission Board as a service to help other networks and denominations in their church planting efforts.

Financing the Mission with Steve Pike

The 20th century models of support don't work anymore.  How can you develop a financial strategy that will free you up to make disciples and plant the church that God is laying on your heart.  Join us as Steve shares a 5 teared model for funding the mission the mission.