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on Technology & Digital Marketing

2021 Best Practices for Church Communications

Communicating with your church can be an overwhelming task. There's pressure to manage phone lists, address lists, email lists, websites, social media accounts and more! Not to mention all the separation the pandemic has created.

Learn from the experiences  of some of the top communication coordinators in the LCMS who have lead communications on national, district, and local levels, and hear their top pieces of advice for communicating with your church in 2021.
Social media - especially ads - can be overwhelming. Where does a church start, and is it even worth starting if the team doesn't have time to post consistently? Learn how to reach new people and lead them back to your fold from marketing expert Ross Turner.

Level Up your Livestream, not your Budget with Tanner Boley

Livestream is here to stay, so if your church is ready to up its livestream game without blowing the bank, this webinar is for you! Tanner Boley from Fox Hollow Creative shares his $2,000 list of equipment and explains how to use it to further your ministry. Whether you are low tech or high tech, this system is high-quality and easy to use. Watch to find out how this simple but powerful system can work for your church.

Livestreaming with a Big Church Setup on a Small Church Budget with Tanner Boley and Trey Sansom

Overnight every church in America became an online-only ministry. As we have been settling into a livestream-only rhythm many are looking for ways to improve but assume the only steps involve a big media team and a big budget. What if a professional setup doesn't have to be complicated or expensive? In this webinar we will share free and cheap tools to help you take your livestream to the next level without spending a lot of money.

Preaching in a time of Livestream Only with Matt Popovits and Chris Paavola

Overnight the task of preaching changed radically. We went from preaching to live congregation to preaching to a livestream camera. The only thing that hasn't changed is the importance of preaching the gospel. But the age we are preaching in is nothing most preachers prepared for. So how does the task of preaching change when you when the congregation is on the other side of a livestream camera?

Virtual Discipleship in an age without Mass Gatherings with Greg Finke, David Putman, David Ficken, and Jock & Gail Ficken

How can we rethink our models for ministry in a time when the church's biggest discipleship tool, the mass gathering, has been taken away? Is this an obstacle or an opportunity? Join David Putman (Founder Planting the Gospel), David Ficken (PLI - D2MC) for a webinar on virtual discipleship! All of these panelists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to discipleship and developing discipleship systems. This will be an incredible opportunity to explore how you can develop new discipleship pathways in these challenging times.

Learning how to Livestream with Rebecca Koehler and Susan Schultz

Learn how to get started live streaming your church services! In this webinar Pastor Matt Peeples, Bethlehem in Ridgewood's Communications Coordinator Rebecca Koehler, and LCMS NJ District's Communications Coordinator Susan Schultz will answer your questions and help get you started with live streaming.