Hear from skilled practitioners who share their incredible insights on practical and spiritual aspects of missional leadership. Join us as we expand on skills that transcend model, style, and culture and get to the heart of church planting and multiplication.   

2022 Kairos Network Webinars

Launching with a Leadership Development Plan

In church planting you inevitably encounter a tool or concept you wish you had from day one.  Four years into our church plant I was introduced to Mac Lake and the leadership pipeline, and I wish I had this tool before launched! How powerful would it have been to not only have an assimilation system built out, but also a system for developing people after they were a part of the church. While it may sound too good to be true, that is actually how Chris Flathers launched Connect Church in Lone Tree, CO, and they have been reaping the benefits ever sense.

Whether you are prelaunch, post launch, or you just want to find out more about building out your own leadership pipeline join us Thursday April 14 at 1pm eastern as we walk through what an intentional leadership development plan could look like in your church and how you could actually plant with a fully developed leadership development plan.

Launching Micro-Churches with Peyton Jones

Micro-church is quickly becoming a ministry buzz word, but like any rapidly expanding concept, there is a lot of confusion about what exactly a micro-church is. Everyone seems to have a different definition, and they aren't always compatible. 
Peyton Jones, has been a part of planting micro-churches since before micro-church was a buzzword. Join us Thursday April 7th, at 2pm eastern, as Peyton shares what a micro-church is and what he has learned about planting mission that leads to planting new churches.

Creating Engaging Sermon Series with Matt Popovits, Zach Zehnder, and  Dion Garrett

We live in a world where Sunday morning church attendance is no longer a given, which is kind of crazy when you think about this chaotic and rapidly changing world in which we live. It seems the truth of God is need more than ever before so why is there such a disconnect?  Just open up the news, or open up your news feed, and it is easy to see a world longing for the very things that God is so willing to give. How can we help people make that critical connection between faith and every-day life?  
Over the years I realized God has already given us an incredible tool to help develop that intersection. Preaching!  Preaching is a powerful gift that God has given his church and one that is designed to help the people make that critical connection.  That  is why The Kairos Network has partnered with Logos to host this webinar.

Click the link below and join us Thursday Feb 24th at 1:00pm as Matt Popovits, Zach Zehnder, and Dion Garrett share some of the tools and best practices they have discovered to create engaging sermon series, that have helped people connect faith and everyday life.

Fasting, finding out how less can lead to more. with Chris Paavola

Today there are an abundance of books and apps on fasting.  They will teach you how do a fast that maximizes weight loss, increases focus, and puts you in the  shape of your life. Why? Because most people today think of  fasting as an easy weight loss program. But when you open up the pages of scripture  fasting is less about physical health and more about spiritual connection. For thousands of years, biblical fasting has been the practice of abstaining from food for purposes of connecting with God, but finding resources on that kind of fasting are few and far between.  That is why we are excited to connect with Chris Paavola, author of Less for More, to  dig into the topic of fasting as a spiritual catalyst for a deeper connection to Jesus.

In this webinar we will dig into not only traditional fasting, but how you can intentionally expand on fasting to quite the noise in the world around you to more fully hear  voice of God.   We will even dig into how you could lead your own church through an intentional fast. With Lent around the corner, what better time to dig into that topic.  Join us this Thursday Feb 3 at 1pm eastern as we have a conversation with Chris Paavola about fasting and how less can lead to more.