Every context is unique, made up of different groups of people, cultural backgrounds, rhythms, values, and shared experiences.  The danger takes place when you step into a new context and assume you know everything about that context.  I have learned the hard way you can travel 5 minutes down the road and it seems as if you have stepped into another world.  

Why is this important?  Often in church planting, we lean on our past experience to determine what kind of church we want to plant.  Our worship styles and preaching styles are often dictated by what we grew up in, and not what necessarily fits the culture around us.  In an age where tribalism has become more prevalent, it is easy to sit in an echo chamber that tells us what we are doing is perfect.  This session is designed to help you break out of your past experience and step out into your context.  To contextualize the unchanging message of the gospel in an ever-changing world.