When we talk about church planting we focus on techniques, models, and training.  
We are always looking for the next skill to help us with planting, but is this the first thing we should emphasize?  Is this the first thing we should be focusing on, or is there something that is more fundamentally important to focus on?  Prayer is that something.

We are focusing on prayer and fasting because they are fundamental to planting and your personal spiritual vitality.  As we walk through this module, we will look at different models for prayer and fasting.  The goal of this module is to give you tools you can use to develop a vibrant prayer life and plant a church on a strong foundation of prayer and fasting.  

We will not cover everything you need to know about prayer, rather our goal is to give you a few techniques to help you dig into intentional prayer for yourself, your family, and the ministry God is calling you into.