One of the issues we see in the church at large is we are all looking for and depending on ready-made leaders.  People that already have the gifts to step in and lead.  But if you are looking for ready-made leaders you will find the pool is small and competitive.  What if there was a better option?  What if the pool of leaders and disciples are actually right in front of you?  

This is what the leadership pipeline concept is all about.  It is about developing and discipling the people God has placed in your church.  Often times we miss a huge pool of untapped resources and potential because we don’t have a plan to develop and disciple people.  These are people that are already sold out to what God is doing through the church and the vision he has called you to. When you spend time, as Paul says in Ephesians 4, equipping them for the work of ministry you will see God do some amazing things!

Realize this session will give you the concepts and teach you the high-level pieces you need to start working on your own leadership/discipleship pipeline. But actually building out the pipeline will take some time.  If you invest the time it will be something that is incredibly fruitful in the DNA of your church.