June 2020 Planter Updates

Camino de Fe Continues to Serve Over 300 Families in 
Bernardsville and the Surrounding Areas

It is hard to believe that this is our twelfth week since the food pantry opened! This Friday, June 19th, will be our 12th Friday since we started distributing food, meals and gift cards to an average of 300 families from Bernardsville and surrounding areas. Oftentimes families call and ask us to deliver the food, meals or gift cards because they are sick or unable to come to the pantry. It is a blessing to have the means to provide for the needs of people.
In the picture below with the woman holding gift cards, the woman walked to our pantry which was on the other side of town where she lived. A far walk especially if you are carrying groceries. Once I found out where she lived, I offered to take her back home. I followed the protocols – we were both wearing masks and she sat in the back seat of my truck. She shared that she was desperate because her savings were running out and she hasn’t worked in the past two months and there are still no signs of her workplace to reopen. That’s when she found out about our food pantry and she was able to breathe again. Our food pantry and the volunteers working there gave her hope and faith to move on. She continues to be a beneficiary of our pantry each Tuesday and Friday.
A local leader connected me with another person struggling during these times. This man has not been able to work since the pandemic started. He is 73 years old and didn’t have shoes to go out. When I met him, he was wearing rubber garden boots. We were able to buy him shoes and some groceries. He is eternally grateful for the help.

Some people are bold in asking for help, most people are shy and don’t want to bother others with their needs. This is where Camino de Fe comes in and finds out the need and tries to provide for that need.

I am grateful that we are in a position to help at this time. Camino de Fe is less than two years old (actually I am not sure how old we are, all I know is that we are in our infant stages) and we are able to do so much in our community and this is thanks to you. Thank you for believing in starting new churches here in New Jersey. Thank you for trusting God in this endeavor. If that didn’t happen, Camino de Fe would not have been able to help these 300 families in the past three months.
Our plan for the food pantry is to continue until the end of August. We know it will take time for families to get back on their feet. Our help may look different towards the end, but we are hoping to continue to provide families with food, meals and Shoprite gift cards.

Camino de Fe continues worshiping and doing Bible studies online via Facebook, YouTube and Zoom. We are planning to start gathering at homes soon. We are very familiar with this setup since it is how we started. We hope to gather in smaller groups starting mid-June, but will continue to do worship online. Here is the link to our live streaming options:

Here is a link to one of the Newspaper articles where Camino de Fe was featured:

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to reach out to give people hope and comfort.  

Contact me if you would like to be a volunteer at [email protected] or text me at (908) 605-6030. You can go to the link below if you would like to donate to our efforts in helping families in need: https://caminodefe.church/covid-19-give/

Or you can also mail your checks to the LCMS-NJ District Office – COVID-19 Camino at:
LCMS New Jersey District
1168 Springfield Ave
Mountainside, NJ 07092

Don’t forget that you can support Camino de Fe church online at supportcaminodefe.church or you can send your check to the LCMS-NJ District Office – Memo Camino de Fe.

Mile Square Church Thanks You For All of Your Support!

It seems as if it's been forever since first visited churches throughout New Jersey and shared a vision for a new church in Hoboken. Now we're halfway through 2020 and only months through a crisis that has impacted not just our region, but our whole nation. However, light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

I'm so pleased to share that it is because of your initial support of our ministry that we are here for such a time as this. Over the course of this pandemic, we set up a benevolence fund and to date have raised $4,500 for community relief, and have already given away $3,000. Those who have been supported have even started coming to our online worship services.

One woman and her family were so touched by our generosity and the worship service that she wanted to reignite her long dormant relationship with Jesus Christ. They've been attending ever since. Your support in the past has created this, and your continuing support will ensure there will be many more like this woman and her family. If you'd like to donate to our ministry, you can do so at www.supportmilesquare.church.

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