January 2020 Church Planter Updates

Mile Square Church Takes on the Red Letter Challenge

This month at Mile Square Church Pastor Matt Lytikainen invited his community to join the Red Letter Challenge! The RLC is unique because it takes Christ’s literal words and gives practical daily challenges based on those words. The RLC gives targets to shoot for to help measure how you are practically following after Him.

Earlier this month Mile Square Church also held another neighborhood community dinner in Hoboken. Community dinners take place every second Saturday of the month! Community groups continue to meet during the week and worship is every Sunday at 10:30 pm at the Bowtie Cinema in Hoboken.

Camino de Fe Starts a New Faith Community in Raritan

God continues to move in Bernardsville, and now we can see Him in action in Raritan!

We have been in the works of starting another faith community in the Raritan/Somerville area. I have been very involved in different community and school events meeting people and letting them know about our new church in Raritan. Finally, the date was on the calendar and everyone knew about it. I was excited and the key families were excited as well. The date came (Jan. 8, 2020), and guess what? No one showed up! It was devastating and humbling. My wife asked me if I was depressed, and I guess I was a little, but I knew I couldn’t stay in that state. So we changed our strategy. Instead of doing what worked at Camino de Fe in Bernardsville, which was meeting in homes and then have a more consistent location to meet, we decided to move our Wednesday gatherings to St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church.
I have spoken a while back with the leadership at St. Paul about the possibility of letting us use their fellowship hall for our weekly and Sunday gatherings. They were opened to it and immediately gave us the keys to their building.

The following week after our initial launch in Raritan, we moved our gatherings to St. Paul. People showed up the second week, but it was people I was not expecting. I had spoken to them about the church, but I didn’t think they would come. And so we are on our third week since our launch and people are hearing God’s word and learning about His love for them.  It’s a slow start and there is a lot more to do. I am spending a day in Raritan meeting people, business owners, public servants, etc to let them know about the church.

By the way, our gatherings in Raritan are done Bilingual (more English than Spanish). The community is a little different. People are more comfortable speaking English even though they can speak Spanish as well. This opens the doors to expand our reach to not only the Latino community, but also to other cultures which are established in Raritan.

Camino de Fe in Bernardsville continues to grow strong. We had a great Christmas service on Dec. 22 and new families visited. We now worship two Sundays a month – First and Third Sunday and we have our bible studies and discipleship on Fridays.
I am amazed to see God at work and be able to join Him on His mission. I would like to invite you to join us. You can either come and check us out or you can come and serve. We need people to run our projector and serve communion. Our Sunday worship and weekly gatherings are bilingual and we will make you feel at home. Attached is our schedule and you can either email, call or text to let me know that you are coming.

Also, we are in need of new worship artifacts and equipment. Attached is our list and you can give as you can. You can also support us online at support caminodefe.church.

Lastly, keep us in your prayers. Keep me and my family in your prayers as we continue to share the Gospel in this area. Keep the families of both Raritan and in Bernardsville in your prayers. Pray that God will open the hearts of people to be receptive of His word.

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