December 2019 Planter Updates

Camino de Fe Helps Reopen Train Station for 
Commuters & Migrant Workers

       What does it look like to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our communities? Recently, the deli at the Train Station in Bernardsville closed leaving many not only without the convenience of a cup coffee and breakfast, but also leaving commuters and migrant workers without a warm place to sit as the cold weather approaches. We spoke with the Mayor and Police Chief to find a way to reopen the waiting area. They were open to the idea, but knew other things had to be taken under consideration such as insurance and compensation for someone to open and close the waiting room daily. We prayed and hoped for the best. A week ago, I received an email from the mayor telling us that the waiting area at the deli would  reopen for commuters and those who wait for work at the train station from 6 am until 7 pm. A police officer would open and close the door daily!

       I arrived early on Tuesday of last week to give the news to some of the migrant works that I have connected with. When I arrived there, people didn’t notice that the waiting area was open until I went ahead and opened the door. They were excited and thrilled with the news that someone cares for them and is willing to be their voice.

       This is what Camino de Fe is all about – walking along with the community. We try to find the needs in the community and do our part to provide for that need or find ways to involve the community in providing for that need.
      This is what being Jesus in our neighborhoods look like and we are here to make a difference. I wasn’t sure if the idea of opening the waiting area at the train station would work. It seemed impossible when I thought about all the logistics, but it wasn’t impossible to God. He is the God of the impossible and all I needed to do was to be the voice for those who have no voice, to care and love those who are the marginalized and mocked, the disabled and disenfranchised, the hopeless and humiliated, the suffering and the sinner. And I encourage you to do the same. Find the need in your community and do what you can to fill that need.
       As I mentioned in my last update, Camino de Fe has a new worship space in Bernardsville and now we are in need of some worship supplies. Help us fulfill our needs by prayerfully considering buying an item for our new worship space. The list is at the bottom of this update.
       Camino de Fe worships on the first Sunday of the Month in Bernardsville at 5:00 pm. Our worship is Bilingual and you are welcome to join us whether you speak Spanish or English! The sermon is preached in Spanish with a printed copy in English. Songs and liturgy are done in Spanish and English. And soon we will have worship services in Raritan/Bound Brook Area.
       Don’t forget to keep us in your prayers! Pray for our plans for this new coming season at Camino de Fe; pray for our leaders: Helen, Carmen, Manuel, Jessica, and Deborah, as they continue to lead Wednesday gatherings; pray for those relationships that we are building in Somerville, Raritan, Bound Brook and Clark, and pray that God continues to open our eyes and our hearts to see the need of our communities. Pastor Daniel Fenco

Mile Square Wins the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce's Community Service Provider of the Year Award!

        Before we launched weekly services we were nominated for the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce's Community Service Provider of the Year award... and WE WON! We were honored to receive this award and be recognized for all our work with Hoboken Housing and other collaborative projects with our community. We're so grateful to all who volunteered in order to give back to the community we live in!
       Speaking of Hoboken Housing, in November we collaborated with them at Christopher Columbus Gardens to put on a Neighborhood Thanksgiving Feast for the community. The turkeys were even covered by councilman Michael Russo! It was beautiful to see both residents and nearby neighbors eat a meal together in gratitude. We are also very excited for our upcoming Neighborhood Christmas Feast on December 14th at CCG in Hoboken.
       For our next community outreach event, thanks to a generous donation from Toys for Tots, Hoboken Housing has toys to give to boys and girls of all ages to residents of public housing. So we're inviting those in our community to help wrap gifts so every child has a gift to unwrap under their Christmas tree this year! We're throwing a gift-wrapping party complete with music, pizza, and tons of presents on December 5th at the Monroe Gardens Community Room in Hoboken.
       We have already been worshipping for two months on Sundays at 10am at the Bowtie Cinema in Hoboken, NJ! You are welcome to join us if you have a chance. Watch the video above to hear more about what we are up to at Mile Square and how you can support us on our mission. Please continue to keep us in your prayers during the Christmas season!

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