September 2019 Planter Updates


Greetings from Pastor Dan of Camino de Fe!

Camino de Fe church is all about finding opportunities to serve and reach people with the Gospel of Jesus. This past August we had the privilege of having a memorial service for one of our families. Telma’s sister had passed away about a month ago and Telma didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to her sister. I offered to have a memorial service so that Telma and her relatives living in Bernardsville could attend. This was an opportunity not only to share the Gospel and the amazing love that God has for us in Jesus, but this was also an opportunity to help Telma and her relatives have closure.

Telma and her relatives were very grateful for the memorial service, which was followed by a reception. At the reception I had the chance to meet and connect with some of Telma’s relatives. We exchanged numbers with some and all now know about this church that is all about loving and serving its community.

Another way that we have connected with our community is by being a part of the Spanish speaking “Home School Association” both in Bernardsville and Somerville. I get a chance in our monthly meetings to connect with people in the community, find out their needs, and be present.

In about a week we will finalize our plans for the 2019-2020 season. Our congregational meeting is scheduled for Sept 15 after our worship gathering. Items that we will address are: raising two leaders, starting a bi-weekly Sunday worship and adding two more weekly gatherings.

Keep us in your prayers! Pray for our plans for this new coming season at Camino de Fe; pray for our leaders: Helen, Carmen, and Deborah, as they continue to lead Wednesday gatherings; pray for those relationships that we are building; and pray that God continues to open our eyes and our hearts to see the need of our communities.

Greetings from Pastor Matt of Mile Square Church!

Greetings in the name of the Lord! On Sunday, October 6th we are launching weekly worship at Mile Square Church! It's been a long journey leading up to this moment and we're very excited for it to begin! We're incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped and supported us to get to this point.

We're also thankful for the many people who have signed up for our Help Teams! These teams will help us as we begin weekly worship with important tasks such as welcoming, Audio/Visual/Lighting, set-up, and more. As Mile Square grows we hope our members step into these roles.

In some of my updates you may see me describe Mile Square as "a new way to church," but it's really not new at all! It's about rediscovering a God of grace and mercy who is for us and not against us. As a result we are striving after three things as a church:

  1. We don't expect people to be anyone other than the person you were when you walked in the door. Skeptics, non-Christians, decades long followers of Jesus, and the emotionally or spiritually wounded are invited and welcome.
  2. We encourage everyone to ask the questions they've always wanted to ask. The ones about the weird Bible passages. The ones they thought they couldn't. And the ones about making sense of life! Our hope is that the answers we discover bring clarity, joy, and hope.
  3. We want to mutually spur one another on to bless this community. So regardless of whether someone stepped into this church, they would still recognize it as a headwater of city-wide impact.

We continue to meet with our community for RealTalk, where we discuss relevant issues in society. Our last discussion was on Big Pharma and upcoming discussions include Transhumanism and Ghosts: Are they real? Outside of these discussions we also meet up and hang out weekly whether it be for neighborhood BBQs, trivia nights, or happy hours at local establishments.

There's work to be done, and we do it gladly! From weekly meetings at my apartment to showing up at events and meeting new people, God's favor and grace have been with us every step of the way. Please pray for us as we begin our weekly worship services!

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