Our Mission

Create churches that connect the disconnected to Jesus. We train church planters to launches churches in their communities that will connect disconnected people to a growing and reproducing relationship with Christ. They will then reproduce churches that will do the same.

Our Vision

Experience. Connect. Reflect.

We train churches planters to connect with their communities by allowing people to experience the gospel where they are, connect to the gospel, and become a reflection of what they are connected to.  This reflection then allows others to experience, and connect to the gospel.  It is not only our training model, it is also our outreach and discipleship model.

Our Strategy

Our church planting strategy is simple.  To train up a church planter, and then deploy that church planter into the area they are called to plant, with the resources they need to plant.  We call this the right person, right place, right support strategy.  The emphasis in this strategy is to be in prayer over areas of our city, and with and for the planters.  In the end, our hope is God will lead the men we raise up to the areas he desires them to be so that the disconnected can be connected to Ch.