Mile square church: 

March update

Over the course of the month of March, we were able to celebrate our third worship gathering together, and celebrate Holy Communion for the first time! Two new families also visited our church and everyone loved their experience. And did I mention that in addition to communion we also celebrated our first baptism? It was an incredible moment to welcome Alex into the community through the simple promise of water with the Word. 

We also continued our regular rhythm of ministry out in the community. As you may know, we sponsor a monthly conversation called Real Talk. After inviting a focus group to share their thoughts, the discussion on the border wall on the 18th was the best Real Talk yet! I'm excited for the other ones yet to come. This month our topic is "Miracles: Fact or Fiction?"

Amidst all of this is the simple joy of being an everyday missionary. As a result of my involvement with the local Rotary club, I met Brendan. He was intrigued that I was a pastor and at the end of 2018 we got coffee and I suggested he do some reading. We circled back up, and I again encouraged him to do some reading, but this time from the Bible––the Gospel of Luke. When we met up again at the end of March I could see the excitement in his eyes. The Gospel of Luke had introduced him to Jesus, the most compelling person he's ever met. Right now he's on the cusp of confessing Christ and he's been attending worship. This Easter he's even going to serve on a Help team. It's amazing how this work of God all started with just a cup of coffee. Maybe the same can happen for you?

- Pastor Matt Lytikainen

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Mile Square Church is a new Christian community in Hoboken. We wanted to create a church that no matter what your experience with religion was you could still step into this community and feel safe to ask your questions and seek your purpose together with others.


March update

Thank you for your prayers and support! Camino de Fe church has some exciting news to share!

Part of our vision and mission is to raise leaders that can lead our weekly gatherings. We believe this is a sustainable way of reproducing our church and also reach those who are not connected to Jesus.  

I have been training and equipping three leaders. Two leaders will co-lead a new group in Bernardsville. We are looking to launch this gathering after Easter. We will reach out to those families that cannot make it to our Wednesday gatherings and then invite families and friends to join us.

We will launch our fourth gathering at the beginning of May in the Somerset area.

Our leaders have been doing an intensive training for the past two months. As part of their training, they led our Wednesday gathering the past two weeks and they did an awesome job. Our community is so encouraged by them and they are very supportive of our leaders and building their confidence as they grow in the knowledge of Jesus.

In order to continue the momentum with our leaders, I will be with them for the first month and a half from the day as a spectator. This will serve as an encouragement for them, but also we will be able to discuss how to refine our weekly order of worship. This is an exciting time for Camino de Fe, so keep our leaders in your prayers, that God gives them confidence to share what they have experienced and speak of God’s good deeds for us.

We are also looking forward to our Easter worship service as we will have a baptism.

I am also partnering with Bernardsville School district so we can find better ways of communicating with the Latino/Spanish speaking community. Our March workshop, “A Positive Way of Disciplining our Kids” was in partnership with Bernards School District.

Continue to pray and support us. May the Lord bless you this Easter!

- Pastor Dan Fenco


Camino de Fe’s vision is to be the hub of the Gospel to the Bilingual/Spanish-speaking communities where life and trust in God happens and where leaders are raised to lead other communities.