Communicating for Impact

Preaching, teaching, and vision casting, what do all of these have in common?  They are all ways in which we communicate to see the gospel make an impact in people's lives.  At the heart of a church plant is a need to learn to communicate in a way that is simple, clear, effective, and times motivational.  Every aspect of church planting has at its core a need for clear and compelling communication.  Wether you are visioning a core group, encouraging volunteers, or preaching the unchanging gospel the skills you will learn in this session will grow you.


Here are some resources to help you dive into your ability to preach, teach, and communicate for impact.

  • Secrets of Dynamic Communication - Ken Davis

    Secrets of Dynamic Communication is a practical and effective handbook for powerful presentations of all kinds. It takes the reader through the process of selecting and developing a theme, giving it focus, fleshing it out, and communicating well with the audience.  The first half is devoted to preparation, the second to delivery.

  • The New Realities of Communication

    An ebook that shares the 16 realities that are shaping communication and the task of preaching in the 21st century.  click here to download

  • Preaching Rocket

    Preaching rocket is a 12 month/module online training resource for preachers.  They walk through basic preaching techniques, sermon structure, sermon goals, and include a library of resources from some powerful preachers and teachers.  This is an incredible resource for someone at any level to grow in their ability to preach and teach. click here for resource.